Acratech GXP Ball Head with Lever Clamp


Winner of The Ultimate Ballhead Comparison and used by both David and Jennifer.


The Acratech GXP Ball-Head is uniquely designed to function as a Ball Head, a gimbal head, and a leveling panoramic head.   It’s like getting 3 pieces of equipment all wrapped up in one beautiful and lightweight unit!

The Gimbal action will have you shooting action like a pro. The Gimbal feature works with any lens (up to 400mm F4.0) that has a tripod collar. The pin in the bottom of the ball and the sleeve on the stem of the ball is what creates a smooth pivot for the Gimbal.

Unscrew the quick release clamp and put it onto the bottom of the head and you are now ready to use the GXP Ball-Head to create level, single row panoramas. This eliminates the need to carry a separate leveling base in order to create accurate stitched panoramas, as you’ll be able to pan parallel to the horizon even when using your tripod on rocky or uneven terrain.

All Acratech Ball-Heads are designed and built to be lightweight for travel photography and rugged for the active outdoor photographer. The open structure lets moisture, dirt, and debris fall through instead of being trapped inside a socket.

Available with our Arca Swiss style, knob, or locking lever quick release clamp.

New Features of the GXP

  • Solidly supports an impressive 50lbs. (double the capacity of the GP)
  • The GXP only weighs 1lb bearing a 50:1 load ratio.
  • Large, easy to tighten, high torque lock knob is easy to tighten even with heavy winter gloves on.
  • New extra-fine tension adjustment.
  • Our unique, panoramic adjustable zero pointer makes it easy to return to your starting point when you are shooting a sequence of images.
  • The quick-release clamp has deep side notches for more clearance with other manufacturer’s stop screws.
  • The level on the quick release clamp is clearly visible even with your camera attached to the clamp.
  • Our quick-release clamp jaws are more pointed to be more compatible with some manufacturer’s quick-release plates with less pointed dovetails.
  • The locking lever clamp has a safety zone so the first 25% of the lever’s motion will not allow your camera to release.


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