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Learning to See Deeply

Presented by David Kingham

Rethink Black and White

Presented by David Kingham

Rethink Lightroom

Presented by David Kingham

Night Photography Processing

Presented by David Kingham

Scouting and Weather

Presented by David Kingham

Observing, Connecting, and Creating

Presented by Jennifer Renwick


For me, it is always of value to see how other photographers use Lightroom, particularly, the Local Adjustment Tools. I found this webinar interesting because of David’s approach. I have watched other photographers who use just about every slider in the Develop module to process an image and then David, who almost seems to be minimalist in terms of the sliders he uses. I will definitely try his approach to see how it works for me. Who knows?

One other thing - I really appreciated having the printed summary. I hope other presenters might learn from this and imitate such a great idea. Thanks.


David’s teaching style is very effective- deliberate, organized and easy to follow. These new techniques (new to me!) are something I never would have discovered myself. I started using them right away and loved how my photos looked!


I had the pleasure of attending the “Rethink Lightroom” webinar put on by David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick and it was one of the most beneficial and enjoyable web based training sessions I’ve ever experienced. I could easily believe this team was born knowing how to teach. Their skills come through in the pacing of the presentation (never too fast and never too slow), the organization of the material, the depths to which the instructions went (never too deep and never too shallow), and the time spent on ensuring we all could grasp exactly how to use their innovate approaches to making Lightroom a more effective editing tool…..especially for those of us who appreciate the Fuji XT cameras and who don’t like worms.
In addition to the above I was struck by how much I learned about Lightroom just from the tidbits David dropped along the way, like using the radial gradient filter as a vignetting tool, or as a dodging or burning alternative to the cumbersome brush tool. And many, many more. It was a serious “bakers’ dozen” of a class.
I hope for the sake of the folks out there who were not lucky enough to attend this training that David and Jennifer will be offering this webinar again. It’s a veritable goldmine of information.


Your webinar “Rethink Lightroom” was definitely one of the best educational webinars that I’ve ever attended on processing, and I’m already looking forward to your next one! The “step by step” presentation format was easy to follow, and I was pleasantly surprised that the process itself appears to be simple and straightforward to implement. Most importantly, the “before and after” showed amazing results, and I think this approach will help me to take images from the ordinary to extraordinary. I think what was unique about this webinar is that it wasn’t simply focused on the technical “how to”, but rather on “why” optimizing the use of specific tools in LR can help to create images that are more evocative. I especially appreciate the way you applied this approach on multiple images to demonstrate how to achieve different outcomes, depending on your creative objective (high contrast, pastel, B&W, etc.). Also, I want to thank you for providing the session notes and the recording—so generous, and so helpful!


This is one of the best on-line photography education presentations I have seen in more than 5 years. You presented everything: mood, composition, camera settings, process, technical obstacles, and post processing. Please do more of these!

- Jack

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