Post Processing Services

Do you have a backlog of photos that need editing, but do not have the necessary skills to process them correctly?

We have found many of our clients do not want to spend their free time in front of a computer, and would instead prefer to use our years of knowledge and experience to create a stunning photograph.

This is not intended to be a quick edit where we apply some preset and call it a day. We will spend the same amount of time that would on one of our own to get the results you are looking for.


Simple - $25/image

A simple image does not require any blending, stitching, just basic adjustments, clean up and some dodging/burning.

Moderate - $50/image

A moderate image would involve basic stitching or simple exposure blends

Complex - $75/image

A complex image will involve more in-depth blending of multiple exposure, complex masking, etc.

Please contact us to discuss and arrange payment and image uploads.

Services Included

  • Panorama Stitching
  • Exposure Blending
  • Focal Length Blending
  • RAW Development
  • Burning and Dodging
  • Color Correction
  • Clean up of dust spots and removal of small objects

Not Included

  • Sky Swapping
  • Grungy HDR
  • Instagram Style Filters

If you are not familiar with our styles, please take a look at our galleries. We lean toward a natural look but may involve dramatic changes to exposure, contrast, etc. to achieve a certain mood.


All photos we edit are confidential, we will not share on social media and you maintain the copyright.


We only accept RAW files that are in focus. We expect you to first go through your images to select the proper photos to edit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our proofs will be sent as JPG with watermarks, if you are not happy with the edit we are happy to make minor revisions. Once the proof is satisfactory we will send you the final image in TIF format without a watermark. If you are not satisfied we will refund you 100%.