Night Photography eBook – Nightscape

I’m very excited to announce my first eBook “Nightscape”. This is not an eBook that only covers a few basics of how to photograph the night sky. I have poured nearly everything I know into this eBook, it was truly a labor of love with a passion to share with you as much knowledge as possible in written format.


This is much more than ‘set your camera to ISO 6400, f/2.8, 30″, focus to infinity and go shoot!’ What most people don’t understand is the planning that goes into a shot beforehand. I give you all the tools you need to understand the night sky, scout out a location, compare weather models, know exactly when the milky way will be out, etc. My goal is to take the guesswork out to make shooting at night fun and easy.

My Lightroom workflow with special techniques for setting the perfect white balance and removing light pollution are also included. My Lightroom presets now come with the eBook as well.

Not only is this book packed full of information, I have partnered with Craft & Vision to release a beautifully designed product, their professional team of editors and graphic designers have produced a book I’m extremely proud of.

The eBook is 120 pages long, if that’s not enough to convince you to buy it then the price will put you over the edge….$12.

Below are screenshots from the book:


About the author David Kingham

David is a professional landscape and nature photographer originally from Loveland, Colorado who is now traveling the American West full-time in an RV with his photography and life partner Jennifer Renwick, and their two cats. David has published an eBook called Nightscape and has in-depth videos on post-processing. David and his partner Jennifer Renwick find joy in teaching others photography in their photography workshops, and through their blog.

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