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  • Experience Level


    This workshop is designed for photographers

  • Fitness Level

    Easy to Moderate

    We will be hiking around the boardwalks in the snow up to a mile.

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  • Curriculum

    This trip is focused on field time with a critique session over Zoom after the trip.

  • Investment


    Initial Payment of $2995

    Your final payment will be automatically withdrawn 90 days before the start of the workshop.

    Double Occupancy Yurt/Hotel: $1000 discount for each person. Sharing a yurt is a very ‘cozy' experience, so this should be shared with someone you know very well.

  • Group Size

    Limited to 4 Guests

  • Dates

    January 21-29, 2025

  • Location

    West Yellowstone and Canyon Village Yurts

  • Fly To

    Bozeman, Montana (BZN)

  • David Kingham

    David is an accomplished professional photographer renowned for his evocative nature imagery. His work showcases intimate landscapes, stunning nightscapes, and masterful black-and-white photography. As the founder of Exploring Exposure, David is dedicated to mentoring aspiring photographers, helping them refine their skills and develop their artistic vision.

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  • Jennifer Renwick

    Jennifer Renwick is a professional photographer renowned for her captivating abstract and small scene imagery. With a keen eye for detail, she uncovers the hidden stories within grand landscapes. Jennifer is passionate about helping fellow photographers discover their unique style and guiding them to express their vision through meaningful projects.

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Join us on an extraordinarily rare expedition in Yellowstone National Park during the captivating winter season. During this time, travel is confined solely to specialized snowcoaches. This restriction means you'll only meet a fraction of the people you'd typically encounter throughout the rest of the year. You'll witness the landscapes in a simplified and serene winter wonderland, making this the perfect opportunity for those yearning for tranquil, minimalist scenes.

Unlike other Yellowstone winter tours, ours has a unique twist. While most focus on wildlife with landscapes as a side note, we flip the script, spotlighting the majestic landscapes and intimate scenes. That's not to say we'll ignore any chance wildlife sightings - they're just not our primary pursuit. Instead, we promise you abundant time to delve into the landscape and seek out one-of-a-kind photo opportunities.

We begin our excursion with a completely unique feature that you won't find elsewhere - staying inside the park, at Canyon Village, in cozy yurts! This isn't just an accommodation; it's a stepping stone to locations that are otherwise challenging and costly to reach independently. It's our base for four of our many days, providing quick access to Yellowstone's crown jewels: The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Lake, and Norris Geyser Basin.



We will schedule a Zoom meeting soon to discuss the details and ensure you are prepared with the proper clothing and gear.

Expedition Schedule

Day 1: 1/21/25 (extra day for weather and travel delays)

  • Fly into Bozeman 
  • Shuttle from Bozeman Airport to Holiday Inn Express in Belgrade, MT (free courtesy of the hotel)
  • Meet, group pizza dinner at the hotel
  • Stay at Holiday Inn Express

Day 2: 1/22/25

  • Shuttle to West Yellowstone departs at 10:00 am
  • Photograph wolves and bears at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center
  • Dinner in West Yellowstone
  • Stay at the Holiday Inn

Day 3: 1/23/25

  • Snowcoach takes us in to Yellowstone National Park! We will start at 7:00 am and photograph most of the day.
  • Arrive at our yurt camp around 4:00 PM
  • Stay in Yurts

Day 4: 1/24/25

  • Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano, Lake Yellowstone
  • Stay in Yurts

Day 5: 1/25/25

  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
  • Stay in Yurts

Day 6: 1/26/25

  • Say goodbye to our yurt camp, on our drive back we will photograph along the way and will take most of the day to get back to West Yellowstone.
  • Arrive back at Holiday Inn around 5:00 PM

Day 7: 1/27/25

  • Snowcoach to Upper Geyser Basin, we will depart at 7:00 AM and return around 5:00 PM. We will photograph the entire day.
  • Stay at Holiday Inn

Day 8: 1/28/25

  • Snowcoach to Fountain Paint Pots, Grand Prismatic, we will depart at 7:00 AM and return around 5:00 PM. We will photograph the entire day.
  • Stay at Holiday Inn

Day 9: 1/29/25

  • Shuttle to Bozeman Airport departs at 8:00 AM
  • Arrive at airport by 10:00 AM
  • Fly home

Post Expedition

Due to a lack of meeting space and time constraints, we will hold the post-processing and image critiques over Zoom after the workshop. We will coordinate a time that works for everyone after the workshop.

Now, let's be honest here: this isn't your typical plush vacation. It's real, it's rustic, and it's raw. There are bathrooms at the yurt camp, but they're vault toilets. Yes, they can be a bit on the stinky side, but they’re clean and warm. There's no running water - but there is a foot pump for the sink to wash your hands. Showers are available but to be used sparingly. We're talking down-to-earth livin, folks. And did we mention it can get down to -40 F or colder at night? But, the yurts are heated, and can get downright hot if you crank up thermostat. Worried about venturing out in the cold at night to pee? Fret not - you will get a chamber pot on arrival to save you from freezing walks to the bathroom at night. This is completely optional, you can put on your clothes and head to the bathroom if you prefer.

Our adventure may not be for everyone. But if you're up for the experience of a lifetime, brace yourself for sub-zero temperatures, with the right winter gear. We'll mostly be near the snowcoach or yurts for warmth, but there will be times we'll be out in the cold for a few hours walking around the boardwalks. If this doesn't sound like your kind of trip, that's okay. But if it does, prepare for an unforgettable journey.

For the final part of our trip, we'll shift to the comfort of a modern hotel in West Yellowstone. Here, we'll spend two days exploring the thermal basins in our private snowcoach, stopping by iconic spots such as Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic. We'll spend the entire days out, from sunrise to sunset, you will have box lunches for the day, and return to West Yellowstone for a warm dinner. With our private snowcoach, we have the freedom to stop as we please - giving us the best Yellowstone experience, without the headache of non-photographers, logistics and added expenses.

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What is Included

  • All Lodging
  • Delicious homemade meals at the yurt camp and sack lunches during the snowcoach portion
  • Transportation - including a shuttle from Bozeman to West Yellowstone, and all snowcoaches during the trip. There’s no need to rent a car.
  • Tips for our guides
  • Entry fees into the park
  • Snowshoes if needed

What is Not Included

  • Flight to Bozeman International Airport
  • Meals while we are in West Yellowstone

Safety First

Visiting Yellowstone in the winter is a true expedition. When at the yurt camp we will be four hours from the nearest hospital. If you have any health concerns that are likely to arise, this may not be the trip for you. Otherwise, rest assured that David and Jennifer are certified Wilderness First Responders. Also, all of the yurt guides have the same certification and have AEDs on site.

This winter expedition offers a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, going beyond the standard and venturing into the extraordinary. From the enchanting yurt stay within the park to the exclusive access to Yellowstone's remarkable landscapes, we offer a winter adventure unlike any other. Prepare to step into a world of snow-draped serenity, where minimalism meets majesty, and every corner offers a new photographic marvel.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Yellowstone in the winter, savor delicious meals prepared by our dedicated guides, and navigate this beautiful terrain in our private snowcoach - all of which would be a significant challenge and expense to organize on your own. Sure, this isn't a luxury spa vacation, and yes, it might push you a bit out of your comfort zone. But, as anyone who's ever seized the day knows, those are precisely the kinds of experiences that make for the most unforgettable memories.

So, are you ready to embrace the cold, witness the park's winter magic, and embark on a journey that you'll be telling your friends about for years to come? Then don't wait - let us know that you want to sign up now and make this unique, unparalleled Yellowstone adventure yours. It's more than a trip; it's a winter wonderland experience like no other that awaits you. Let's make some memories together!


We are proud members of Nature First Photography. This movement is dedicated to responsible nature photography. At its core are seven principles that we abide by and promote to our clients. We hope you will join the movement!

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We always run our workshops on the up and up.

For this workshop Exploring Exposure operates under a Commercial Use Authorization with the National Park Service. We are also an equal opportunity service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being Prepared for the cold and snow

After signing up we will send you an extensive list of gear you will need for this trip. If you have never done anything like this before you may need to purchase some new cold weather gear.

Are spouses/partners welcome?

We're sorry, but partners may only come if they pay full price for a seat on the excursion.

Will I have cell service during the workshop?

Cell signal is extremely intermittent in most of the locations we will visit, you should not expect to be connected all the time, at certain locations you may be offline for long periods, enjoy the silence. There is cell and wifi at the hotel in West Yellowstone and Belgrade. Cell service is limited at the Yurts.

Will weather cancel the workshop?

Dramatic weather is when the best photographs are created! Unless there are very dangerous conditions the weather will not stop us, in fact it will encourage us! No rain checks will be given for any weather related circumstances.

Will the instructors take photos during the workhop?

For this excursion, yes, we will be taking photographs so you can see how we approach the scene and what we notice. We will not run off and leave you alone though. We will always be available for questions and will regularly check in to give you feedback on composition, etc.

More Information

Fitness Level

For much of the trip we will be photographing near the snowcoach, but we will be hiking out to the thermal features on the boardwalks in the snow, up to 2 miles total. You need to be in good physical condition as these walks/hikes are tiring in the snow, and you need to be stable on all the icy and snow packed surfaces. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us first.

How to Get There

You will be flying into Bozeman International Airport (BZN).

We recommend checking Google Flights for the best rates.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 180 days prior to the workshop we will refund your initial payment minus a $100 fee.
  • 180 days before the start of the workshop, we will refund your initial payment only if we can fill your spot.
  • The full balance is due 90 days before the workshop. There will be no refunds on the full amount owed. We will attempt to fill your spot, if filled there will be a $100 administrative fee charged and the rest of your payment will be refunded.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY, even for medical emergencies. All cancellation requests must be in writing and received either by US mail or E-mail. We encourage participants to purchase refundable airline tickets and trip cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend trip insurance to protect you in the event of an unexpected situation that prevents you from attending the workshop. We recommend Travelguard or World Nomads.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop if the minimum student enrollment is not met. In the event we cancel a workshop, participants will be given the option to reschedule to a later date or receive a full refund. we are not, however, liable for expenses incurred such as airfare or accommodations, and for this reason we also recommend the purchase of trip insurance.

Our customers tell it better than we do!

The winter workshop in Yellowstone was truly a unique experience and adventure that no other workshop offers. Being inside the park at the yurt camp gave us the advantage of being at locations much earlier and staying later than would have been possible had we travelled into and out of the park each day. The yurt camp was clean and cozy, and the hospitality of the staff was exceptional. David and Jennifer did an excellent job planning and coordinating with personnel at the camp, allowing us to concentrate on our photography and enjoy the experience of winter in Yellowstone.   

~ Keith Lisk – Yellowstone Winter Expedition 2024

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