Unique Workshops Tailored to You

Tired of capturing the same iconic shots as everyone else? Struggling to find your unique creative voice? David and Jennifer's personalized workshops are designed to help you unleash your true potential as a photographer.

With a decade of experience, they guide you to distinctive spots and push you out of your comfort zone, encouraging work that's authentic to your style. Their workshops address common challenges, refining technical skills and providing creative inspiration to break through plateaus.

Small group sizes ensure individual support to develop at your own pace. These immersive experiences help you capture stunning images and foster a deeper connection with your unique photographic voice.

Ready to elevate your photography? Join David and Jennifer on a journey of discovery and creativity.

Yellowstone Winter Expedition

January 21-29, 2025

Discover the serene beauty of Yellowstone National Park in winter, when steam rises from geothermal features and snow blankets the landscape. Focus on capturing the park's stunning winter scenery, from frozen waterfalls to frost-covered trees.

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