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Creating Micro-Contrast in Photoshop

What is micro-contrast? Most of us are familiar with contrast; it is relatively straightforward and easy to see. Contrast is the difference between two values, the values we will be talking about are tonal values. There are also color values, but that is for another time. The contrast between the light and dark areas are

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No Tripods Allowed in the Zion Narrows for Workshops

UPDATED: No Tripods Allowed in the Zion Narrows for WorkshopsUPDATE 6/30/2018Today I received notice from the NPS that after hearing the concerns from the photographic community they will be revising this rule for 2019. Workshop leaders will once again be allowed to bring in clients with tripods in the Narrows! The only caveat is that

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Review of Breakthrough Photography Filters

Full disclosure: Breakthrough Photography sent me these filters to review and the links in this post are affiliate links that I make a small profit from if you purchase through them. I can assure you that I keep my reviews unbiased, I honestly love these filters and they are the only ones in my bag!

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