Yellowstone Nightscapes and Landscapes

Join us for an unparalleled experience as we delve into the surreal landscapes of Yellowstone National Park, capturing its majestic beauty both under the vast, starlit skies and during the glorious daylight hours. This extended workshop has been meticulously designed to provide three enchanting nights under the stars and abundant opportunities to explore and photograph the park's natural wonders during the day. By offering this unique blend of night and daytime photography, we minimize the chance of weather interference and ensure a diverse and fulfilling photographic journey. Whether captivated by the Milky Way's ethereal glow or drawn to the vivid textures and colors of Yellowstone's geysers and canyons, this workshop offers a comprehensive and immersive experience tailored to passionate landscape photographers.

September 3-8, 2024

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Initial Payment – $995


West Yellowstone, MT

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West Yellowstone or Bozeman, MT

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Yellowstone National Park offers a celestial canvas like no other, boasting some of the darkest skies in the United States. With most of the park falling within a Bortle class of 1 – the darkest skies you can find – the opportunities for night photography are extraordinary. We will guide you in combining these captivating night skies with the mesmerizing landscapes of Yellowstone, crafting images that are nothing short of magical.

But the experience doesn't end when the sun rises. During the day, we will embark on a visual exploration of the park's many wonders, capturing everything from the ethereal hues of geysers to the dramatic sweep of valleys and peaks. As part of the daytime photography sessions, we will also delve into simple yet powerful post-processing techniques to refine your night photos. By the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with a masterfully processed image that you'll be proud to display.

Our daily schedule will include discussions on scouting, planning, and weather prediction, equipping you with the tools to plan your future night shoots confidently. We will also host an image critique session, offering personalized feedback and guidance.

Due to the special nature of Yellowstone's dark skies, light painting is not permitted in the park. Instead, we will teach you innovative techniques to create stunning foregrounds through long exposures or twilight exposures. These can later be blended seamlessly in Photoshop, a skill becoming essential as more parks move towards protecting their dark skies.

Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this workshop caters to all skill levels. While we will touch on slightly advanced methods like stacking, these are not prerequisites for creating breathtaking photographs. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every participant will have the opportunity to expand their abilities, capture extraordinary images, and deepen their connection to the unique landscapes of Yellowstone.


Escalante Workshop

This was my second workshop with Exploring Exposure, and the experience has been top-notch on both. The scouting is great, and David knows where to be at the optimal time. David is an expert in nighttime photography and post-processing, and presents excellent imaging sessions. Relaxed atmosphere. Joined by his partner, Jennifer Renwick, who is an accomplished photographer in her own right. Locations are not only the well-known iconic spots. Ideal workshop for an advanced amateur.

Morris Swartz

Arches Night Workshop

When signing up for a workshop with an instructor that is unknown to you, it is difficult to imagine what you might find. I had seen David’s work and was impressed enough to take a chance on the man. BEST. DECISION, EVER. I learned more about astrophotography in the 3 days of this workshop than in the previous 3 years of trying to muddle through on my own. David covered every aspect from scouting and preparation to shooting, to the all-important post-production. Beyond that, he made all of us realize that we gained a lifetime resource. He holds absolutely nothing in reserve; if he knows it (and he does), he will share it. If you are interested in night photography, please, do yourself a favor, and take one of this man’s workshops.


Arches Night Workshop

This was an amazing class. I learned a lot about night photography and post-processing. David is talented, willing to share his knowledge and very patient. The location was great. Thanks for a fun, informative experience.


If you are an advanced landscape photographer looking to quickly jump-start your night sky photography, then I highly recommend David’s program. It takes the guesswork out of taking great photos of the Milky Way, star trails, and the night sky.

From advanced planning techniques and tools, great selection of accessible locations, excellent recommendations on equipment and software, classroom training and field work on an end-to-end workflow from camera settings to advanced post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and just the wealth of knowledge and experience that he freely shares, the program is an amazing value for the money!


David was a great teacher, able to bridge the skill levels of all the students. He led us through the processes needed to successful astrophotography. He also went over many tools need to plan a night time shoot. From finding dark skies, knowing if the moon is too bright and location scouting. I would recommend his workshop to anyone looking to get into night time photography or someone looking to improve their skills and go to the next level.


I got to the workshop with a very basic knowledge about night photography ... what I learned in these 3 days was far more than what I have read on the internet in 6 months. but the most valuable thing I learned is how to prepare for the night shot ... from scouting, weather check, milky way position and time of rise and set ..etc it was amazing and worth every penny spent.


I had a great time on the Moab Night Photography workshop! David and Jennifer were great workshop leaders! In addition to being incredible artists and great educators, they were both very kind and patient in their approach. I also appreciated the love and care both have for the natural environments we found ourselves photographing during the workshop.

Jason Williamson

Arches Night Workshop

I learned so much in this workshop! This is going to take my night photography to a whole new level! David was flexible in his teaching and scheduling to accommodate both the group and the weather; he gave LOTS of one-on-one instruction both in the field and in the classroom! David is an exceptional photographer with an ability to pass his knowledge along to others! I would definitely take another one of his workshops!


Arches Night Workshop

David’s Arches Night Photography workshop was exceptional! David was so generous in sharing his expertise with the entire group; no question went unanswered! He also did a suburb job teaching his skills both in the field and classroom setting.


Simply the Best!
I am a returning client for all the reasons one might expect. David and Jennifer are committed to teaching and providing each client individualized instruction in a friendly and helpful setting. They are organized and prepared, so the workshop comes off as an effortless experience for the client. Their true expertise was on full display at the Yellowstone at Night workshop when the weather had a mind of its own and clouds rolled in, obscuring the Milky Way. We quickly pivoted to shoot the storm, lightning and all, when it was safe. Rapidly, new locations were obtained, taking advantage of the storm in real-time instead of giving up because things didn't go according to the original plan. We didn't shoot the same ol' cliche Milky Way shots; we got something unique and arguably better! This could never have happened without an intimate knowledge of Yellowstone in the dark and what seemed to me quick thinking on one's feet to make things possible. It's obvious how much they care about giving us the fullest workshop experience, no matter the circumstances. Definitely the best!

Ellen Golodner

I am a professional wedding photographer, and my husband is a hobbyist landscape photographer. We took this course together as something special that we could learn together. It amazed me how well David’s workshop fit both of us: plenty of technical tips and tricks, but enough explanation and examples that my husband had no problem following it. David’s knowledge of both Canon and Nikon, and what needed to happen for good nighttime images absolutely blew us away. The examples were inspiring, and we truly enjoyed the ‘workshop’ portion every bit as much as the ‘field trip’ portion. Not only did we get some very neat images as a reminder of the adventure, but it was amazing to just get to SEE the milky way, when neither of us normally would know how to find it, or what to look for. David helped us to have an adventure, and to give us something that we can do together for years to come!


I saw an excellent webinar on Night Sky photography and processing. It truly was educational and inspiring. They gave both beginning and advanced tips. Although I am not new to night sky photography, I learned a lot of new techniques, some of which I can also apply to other photo processing. The presentation was detailed yet easy to understand. They answered viewers' questions. I am delighted a recording is given for future reference. This presentation exceeded my expectations.


Great course. David is a laid back guy. Easy to talk to and approach. He is very helpful and will show you things about your camera if you do not know. Knows his subject very well. Would not hesitate to take another course from him and I hope to do this soon.


Grand Staircase Escalante

This is my second time going out with David and Jennifer. The thing I like best is how they are flexible and adapt depending on the weather. We ended up doing the night shooting the first two nights when we expected the skies to be clear and keep the sunrise and sunset shoots for when there were clouds. Not only are they helpful they are interesting and amusing, which helps on the longs drives. If you are interested in shooting the southwest I'd check the Exploring Exposure site first.


Arches Night Workshop

I came into David’s workshop knowing quite a bit about night photography. I wanted to take a workshop with someone who didn’t mind sharing everything they know. That’s where David comes in.

I have learned so much from David. From the little tricks in the field to post-processing. David does a great job at balancing all skill levels, giving everyone individual attention.

Not only did I meet some great people but I feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends.


I am extremely pleased with David’s workshop and would recommend his instruction to anyone interested in night photography. Every part of the class is very well laid out and David does a great job spending time with each student throughout the duration of the workshop.


Arches Night Workshop

I found David to be a very competent, giving individual, not holding back on sharing all he knew about Night Photography, which is substantial. His knowledge was vast and he communicated it in a clear, precise and logical manner, both in the field and in the classroom/post-processing portion of the workshop. If you are looking for a great teacher to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your own nightscape photography, look no further.


Night Workshop

Aside from all the wonderful technical post-processing learning, the access to the most beautiful places to shoot and the experience of being out in amazingly dark skies, I’d say the best thing about David’s workshop is his total and utter commitment to his students’ learning. I felt throughout the workshop - in the field and in the classroom - that every person’s enjoyment and learning were his #1 concern. Also, the man has the patience of a saint - a great quality in a teacher.



This was my third workshop with David Kingham. I learned new things, had a great time, and came away on fire to perfect my craft. I came away from the Bisti Wilderness workshop knowing how to compose better photographs, and with new tools in Lightroom and Photoshop to help my artistic vision emerge. I cannot say enough good things about David and Jennifer. I have sent friends to other workshops and the response is the same. THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO ENHANCE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS.


A number of years ago, I was lucky enough to study guitar with one of the best guitarists in the world. (Bear with me for a second.) So I’m trying to drain all the information I can from this guy and out of left field he says, ‘There are more important things than being a good guitar player.’ I was STUNNED! ‘HUH?? Like what??’ He replied, ‘Like being a good person.’

David Kingham is a good person.

All anyone has to do is look at his work and they can see what a wonderful photographer he is. What you don’t see is what a great teacher he is.

I am a teacher by profession and one thing I’ve learned is that a person can have all the knowledge in the world but that doesn’t mean s/he can teach it.

Not so with David. He has his material well organized and laid out so that each step makes sense as you go along.

I went into this class with no knowledge of Night Landscape Photography and learned EXACTLY what I wanted to learn.

If you’re thinking about taking one of David’s workshops, do it. It will be worth it. I traveled halfway around the world to do it. You will ‘GET IT.’

Do it!!


Arches Night Workshop

It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the Arches Workshop. Excellent instruction from a proven professional, that is as down to earth as the guy next door. Vast amounts of information were placed before us in an easy to understand format and were explained piece by piece so that everyone followed along. David Kingham you are the Master, I strive to achieve half your knowledge and abilities. It was an honor to attend your workshop and you have helped me to be far better than I was prior to. I will recommend your workshops to everyone I know interested in shooting the night sky.


David is an extremely talented photographer so I knew I was learning from a professional. He picks the best locations, helps with composition and in-the-field techniques. Learning David’s processing workflow was very valuable and will help me refine my own process to create better images.


David promises to teach his students everything he knows about night photography, nothing is off limits and he delivers. Ask any question and he will give you a straight answer and teach you how to do it. His post-processing classroom teaching is great.


I had a great time and learned a lot attending one of David’s Rocky Mountain Workshops. He shares information about scouting, camera setup and technique, and many specifics on post-processing. David is very familiar with the area and where to get some great night photographs. He has a relaxed personality and it is easy to speak with him about photography.


Arches Night Workshop

Dave has the unique skill to get you out of your comfort zone and learn new things. He’s the Yoda of Photography...which would be appropriate for his star photography. He’ll get you to unlearn what you have learned and develop you into a better, well-rounded photographer. I also appreciated that Dave never assumed you knew something. He took the time to explain things just in case. He’s a great teacher!


Having attended many photo workshops, David and Jennifer provided a First Class experience. I was impressed with the Pre and Post information we received. In the field, David and Jennifer helped us with composition and camera settings to best deal with the difficult dynamic ranges of sunrise and sunset images, and taking us to the ideal locations to take advantage of the lighting. In the afternoons, David educated us on his editing workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop. This was Marilyn's first photo workshop. She was thrilled with her first Milky Way image. She really improved her camera skills with your mentoring. Thanks for a wonderful experience getting us to the locations. helping us with composition. camera setting. using ND filters and finally how to edit our images with Lightroom and Photoshop. Looking forward to attending your Photo Workshops in the future. You guys are the Best.

Ernie and Marilyn

Devils Tower Night Workshop

David’s workshop at Devils Tower was exactly what I needed to take my night sky photography skills to the level. I learned a ton about scouting, planning, gear, software tools, and post-processing. The location was amazing, and I came away with the best night sky shots I’ve ever taken. If you have any interest in this kind of photography, save yourself the trouble and just do one of these workshops. You’ll be glad you did.


The Crested Butte Wildflowers workshop was the third workshop I have attended with David and Jennifer. All three provided a professional learning experience, not only from a photography perspective, but also from being taken to locations that are off the beaten path that I would never have found on my own. This has real value for me. David and Jennifer complement each other perfectly with their own sets of specialized knowledge. If you have an interest in abstracts, Jennifer is your go-to person. If night landscapes are your thing, David is the expert. Between the two of them, all the bases are covered, including post-processing. I especially enjoy the critique sessions during the workshops, which offer valuable advice and direction to composition skills and post processing. I hope to be able to attend more workshops with David and Jennifer in the future.

Keith Lisk

David and Jennifer are talented photographers and run a very organized and informative photography workshop. The scouting done before the trip and their knowledge of the area makes for a great time. Great instructors seem to attract great students, that is the case with Jennifer and David.

Douglas Punzel

What is Included

  • Small class size of 8 maximum to ensure proper attention to each client
  • Two attentive instructors for a client to instructor ratio of 4:1
  • Image Critiques
  • Tailored post-processing instruction in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Sack lunch from local deli provided for dinners in the field

What is Not Included

  • Transportation - 2 people can ride in our vehicle, others will carpool together (all roads are paved) *
  • Lodging - we have a block of rooms held for you
  • Meals - we will be eating some meals together as a group *

* Please note that carpooling is REQUIRED. We must get down to three vehicles for our group since parking can be a challenge at times.

Important Details

  • Lodging: We have rooms held at the Holiday Inn in West Yellowstone for $369/night. You are welcome to stay anywhere in the West Yellowstone area, but this is where we will be holding the classroom sessions. 
  • More details will be emailed after signing up.


Important Note:

Over the course of our workshop, we will dedicate three nights to capturing the star-studded night skies. Our remaining time will be strategically utilized, photographing the breathtaking landscapes in the morning and evening and working on processing techniques during the day. This adaptable schedule allows us to modify our plans based on weather conditions, providing the optimal balance of night and daytime photography. But don't worry, there will be time to rest as well!

September 3rd
  • 5:00 pm: Gather at the hotel for introductions and a series of enlightening presentations designed to prepare you for photographing the wonders of Yellowstone.
  • Evening: Should clear skies grace us, we'll venture out for our first night beneath the dazzling stars of Yellowstone, enjoying a sack lunch in the field and returning to the hotel around 2 am. If the skies prove cloudy, we'll rest up for the exciting days ahead.
September 4th-7th
  • Flexible Schedule: Our days will be tailored to accommodate either night or daytime photography, depending on weather conditions, with processing sessions during midday. This approach ensures that every moment is an opportunity for creativity and growth.
September 8th
  • Morning: We'll convene for image critiques and reflections on our shared experiences.
    1:00 pm: Our transformative workshop concludes, leaving you with new skills, unforgettable memories, and a deeper connection to the art of photography.

Safe, Legal, Responsible.

We are proud members of Nature First Photography. This movement is dedicated to responsible nature photography. At its core are seven principles that we abide by and promote to our clients. We hope you will join the movement!

Concerned About Your Safety

We understand how important your safety is when we’re in remote locations. This is why David and Jennifer are both certified Wilderness First Responders, we are prepared for any situation large or small. We also carry satellite communication devices should we need rescue assistance in remote areas.


We always run our workshops on the up and up. For this workshop, Exploring Exposure is Authorized Permittee of Yellowstone National Park. We are also an equal opportunity service provider.

Our Philosophy

We encourage you to find your unique style of creativity with focused training based on your style and skill level. You will experience a rigorous learning experience in the field and the classroom to take your photography to the next level.

Our passion is seeing you grow in your photographic journey. We put your interests ahead of our own. Early on in the workshop, we will not photograph at all. Our focus is your learning experience, and we will not run off to chase the light and leave you behind. As the workshop progresses, we will take a few photos in a limited manner. This is so you can see how we approach a scene, demonstrate techniques, and create comradery with the group. Our focus will always remain with YOU.

We understand everyone comes to workshops at different points in their photography journeys. We will be there to guide and help you, whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter. There is always something to learn about photography, and we will do our best to help you find your creative vision.

Above all, we want this to be a fun experience for you. With our small group size, we get to know our clients very well, and we feel like they are part of our extended family. We do this for the love of photography, and there is nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing our clients grow and find their artistic vision.

  • Fitness Level

  • How to get there

  • FAQ

  • Cancellation Policy

This workshop will involve short hikes of 2-3 miles total daily. We will only be on the boardwalks so the hikes are easy.


Please do not hesitate to send us any questions you may have, we would be happy to help.

Private Yellowtone Workshops

If you are looking for a private guide to show you around Yellowstone, look no further. We spend extended periods here and are constantly exploring the incredible landscape to find all it has to offer. We can be your private tour guide or we can turn your experience into a full workshop training you on composition, vision, post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop, all without the group.