Yellowstone Intimate Landscapes

Join us for an experience of a lifetime in the beautiful landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. We will be showing you our favorite locations and it will also be an educational experience with two professional instructors who will show you how to photograph intimate landscapes (small scenes) along with some grand landscapes as the opportunities present themselves.

September 9-13, 2022

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West Yellowstone, MT

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West Yellowstone or Bozeman, MT

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Yellowstone National Park is a paradise for creating intimate landscapes (aka Small Scenes). The possibilities for creating meaningful photographs that are unique to your vision are endless. Photographers often overlook Yellowstone because it lacks the obvious grand scenics that draw people to other national parks; instead, it is a park filled with natural wonders which require time to explore more deeply. We will spend our time slowing down to notice the details in the fascinating bacterial mats surrounding the thermal features, the exquisite details in the canyon walls, and much more. You will learn how to see the landscape in a new way by practicing Slow Photography and Contemplative Photography techniques. This will not be your typical photography workshop; it will challenge your creativity and help you find your unique vision of the world.


Powerful and Profound. I feel like this workshop has opened up previously unseen doors for me and my photography, revealing so much room in which to explore my creativity and vision (and giving me lots more time to do it in, because shooting small scenes can happen anytime, all day long). David, Jennifer, and Sarah are fantastic workshop leaders. Their passion and enthusiasm for photography and especially small scene/intimate landscape photography inspired me to think differently about subjects and compositions, to have an open mind, to experiment, and to have fun. They put so much energy, care, and planning into all our sessions, both inside and outside. In the field, they brought to life the ideas and techniques discussed in the classroom. Sometimes their cameras were used to demonstrate techniques and ideas. Most times they'd walk and talk us through beautiful, breathtaking locations, helping us "see" differently, then cut us loose to capture our own unique visions. Many locations were overwhelming to me at first with their big-ness. Over time, however, I was able to better focus in and find smaller, abstract compositions. This is because David, Jennifer and Sarah made us their number one priority. They were always there for us, always available to answer our questions and give one-on-one assistance (if we wanted it, and I did) as we huddled over our cameras. The mix of classroom time to field work was just right. I enjoyed seeing other student's images each day, which helped me to rethink the scenes I had been at, and further train my "eye" for upcoming photo sessions. And of course, the new friendships formed. Thank you David, Jennifer, and Sarah for all the work and thought you put into creating this workshop, for your caring dedication and commitment to us, and for sharing your enthusiasm and passion as you did.

Mark M

The "Death Valley Small Scenes with Sarah Marino" workshop was my first photography workshop, and the bar has been set unbelievably high. Jennifer, David, and Sarah are among the best photography instructors (and photographers) in the business. They struck the perfect balance between classroom discussions about technique and creativity, and fieldwork that allowed participants to put theory and ideas into practice. In both the classroom and the field, we were pushed to find and hone our creative voices, and the small group size allowed for instruction that was tailored to our individual levels of experience. This enabled me to make a real breakthrough with my work and vision. I can't praise Jennifer, David, and Sarah enough, and I would book another workshop with Exploring Exposure without hesitation.

Nick Becker

What set this experience apart from the other workshops I've taken was the very perceptive and individual attention the instructors gave to each of us. Whenever I needed advice or assistance or a word of support, someone appeared to offer just what the moment required. The Death Valley Small Scenes workshop delivered beyond what it promised. Jennifer, David, and Sarah made sure we had varied challenges and opportunities to grow in our vision and technique for creating intimate responses to a location that can be overwhelming. They missed no chance to help us achieve, uniquely, what we were trying to do. No doubt we all returned with some of our most meaningful images ever. We also returned with something inside that will lead us to create many, many more.


Attending a workshop hosted by David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick is one of the best things an aspiring Photographer can do to raise their skills. The best part is, you come away with an increased passion and desire to spend more time with your camera. It's not learning how to expose properly or use the right focal length but the emotions they teach you, how to see the landscape or become intimate with a leaf. You can tell there is a burning desire that they both want you to succeed and even more, the sincerity that they want you to leave with a total outlook that photography is not just about pressing the shutter to capture a moment.
This is my third workshop with D and J, and I can tell you without a doubt it’s not my last. I have taken the time to observe them and listen to their mindset towards photography and each time I can see the difference in making a picture.
To that Photographer who is debating on attending a workshop with David and Jennifer, you will be rewarded with a renewed excitement to caress your camera, both emotionally and technically, creating priceless images.
Thank you, David and Jennifer, you have a passionate photographer who enjoys spending time with you.

Mozzam Hosein

Delightful! This was my fifth photography workshop, but my first with Exploring Exposure. There was a good balance between fieldwork and didactic conference room instruction, meaning a couple of hours of conference daily. All participants were skilled with their equipment, experienced with composition. But there was a wider range of skills with processing in software. This is where the instruction was important. In our conferences, we saw fine details of composition which otherwise we might miss. We learned processing methods from dedicated professionals, and the methods undoubtedly new to most of all of us. Critiquing our photos was valuable. Having three instructors for a group of ten registrants is the highest ratio of any workshop I've attended. Each presented complementary interests. David is a master of processing and a patient thorough teacher. Jennifer shared her wisdom on goals and philosophy. Sarah's meticulous detail work in creating and processing closeups was breathtaking. I've been interested in closeup and macro nature photography since the era of 35mm rangefinders and I learned a lot from her in just a few days. Our schedule was not overbearing. Days started before dawn and finished with a late dinner. By deferring most processing until home, I had enough time for sleep. There was adequate time for lunch and a good schedule of conference room instruction alternating with field trips. I've come away with increased abilities, a finer eye for composition, and better use of software in post. And it was a pleasure to be with a nice group!

Richard Paul Handler

The workshop with David, Jennifer and Sarah was wonderful. Because of the small group size, it was possible to obtain individualized help in the field and it was easy to ask questions. There was a genuine desire by all of the instructors to make sure that the participants got the attention and help that they needed. Although there was a wide range of experience within the group ("newish" users to accomplished shooters), it seemed as though all levels could get what they needed from the workshop. I really liked the locations that were chosen for the shoots and the fact that we avoided the more typical tourist spots. Overall, a great experience!

Ellen Golodner

What is Included

  • Small class size of 8 maximum to ensure proper attention to each client
  • Two attentive instructors for a client to instructor ratio of 4:1
  • Water and snacks
  • Image Critiques
  • Tailored post-processing instruction in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Sack lunch from local deli provided for dinners in the field

What is Not Included

  • Transportation - 2 people can ride in our vehicle, others will carpool together (all roads are paved) *
  • Lodging - we have a block of rooms held for you
  • Meals - we will be eating some meals together as a group *

* Please note that carpooling is REQUIRED. We must get down to three vehicles for our group since parking can be a challenge at times.

Important Details

  • Lodging: We have rooms held at the Holiday Inn in West Yellowstone for $359/night. You are welcome to stay anywhere in the West Yellowstone area. 
  • More details will be emailed after signing up.
  • Itinerary

    A detailed itinerary will be sent out after signing up, this will help you plan your travel arrangements.

    • September 9th
      • Meet at 4:00 pm at the hotel for introductions
      • Early group dinner to avoid the crowds
      • Presentations at the hotel to get you primed for photographing intimate landscapes!
    • September 10th, 11th, and 12th
      • Rise early to photograph in the soft early morning light and continue until approximately 10 am each morning. 
      • Drive back to West Yellowstone for brunch and a quick nap.
      • We will give an hour-long presentation each day to get you primed, along with an assignment for the evening.
      • We will also spend an hour on the basics of post-processing your intimate landscapes in Lightroom.
      • We will then head back into the park around 4 pm each day as the mid-day crowds start to settle down.
      • A sack lunch will be provided each night so we can maximize our time in the field and not worry about finding dining.
      • We will photograph at a different location each time we go out so you can see as much of the park as possible.
      • Return to the hotel around 9:30 pm each night.
    • September 13th
      • Meet at the hotel for image critiques at 8:00 am
      • 11:00 - For those that need to catch a flight the workshop will end here. If you would like to continue learning post-processing we will continue on in the afternoon.
      • 2:00 pm - Workshop ends

    What You Will Learn

    In the Field

    • How to read a scene to create compelling compositions using shapes, lines, visual mass, texture, and more
    • Reading weather and lighting conditions to know when to go out on your own in the right light
    • How to use apps to scout out your own locations and plan your next shoot
    • When and how to use lenses to bring focus to your subject
    • How and when to use a polarizer to make colors pop
    • Depth of field and hyperfocal distance to help you create sharp photos
    • Achieving maximum sharpness using focus stacking
    • Creative use of ND Filters to create motion in clouds and water
    • Creating panoramas without using expensive equipment
    • How to take correct exposures for bright skies; to be later used for exposure blending
    • Identifying the best light and how to expose correctly

    Post Processing

    • Making dull RAW files pop in Lightroom and keeping files organized
    • Use of local adjustments for dodging & burning, and many more creative opportunities
    • Using white balance to create mood in your images
    • Properly sharpen and reduce noise for maximum image quality
    • Stitching panoramas easily in Lightroom
    • Exposure blending using HDR for natural looking results
    • Focus stacking using Helicon Focus for maximum depth of field
    • Sharpening for web and print

    Safe, Legal, Responsible.

    We are proud members of Nature First Photography. This movement is dedicated to responsible nature photography. At its core are seven principles that we abide by and promote to our clients. We hope you will join the movement!

    We are proud members of Nature First Photography. This movement is dedicated to responsible nature photography. At its core are seven principles that we abide by and promote to our clients. We hope you will join the movement!


    We always run our workshops on the up and up. For this workshop Exploring Exposure operates under a Special Use Permit on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, Gunnison, and San Juan National Forests. We are also an equal opportunity service provider.

    Our Philosophy

    We encourage you to find your unique style of creativity with focused training based on your style and skill level. You will experience a rigorous learning experience in the field and the classroom to take your photography to the next level.

    Our passion is seeing you grow in your photographic journey. We put your interests ahead of our own. Early on in the workshop, we will not photograph at all. Our focus is your learning experience, and we will not run off to chase the light and leave you behind. As the workshop progresses, we will take a few photos in a limited manner. This is so you can see how we approach a scene, demonstrate techniques, and create comradery with the group. Our focus will always remain with YOU.

    We understand everyone comes to workshops at different points in their photography journeys. We will be there to guide and help you, whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter. There is always something to learn about photography, and we will do our best to help you find your creative vision.

    Above all, we want this to be a fun experience for you. With our small group size, we get to know our clients very well, and we feel like they are part of our extended family. We do this for the love of photography, and there is nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing our clients grow and find their artistic vision.

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    • Cancellation Policy

    This workshop will involve short hikes of 2-3 miles total daily. We will only be on the boardwalks so the hikes are easy, but carrying around your camera pack all day can get exhausting.


    Please do not hesitate to send us any questions you may have, we would be happy to help.

    Private Yellowtone Workshops

    If you are looking for a private guide to show you around Yellowstone, look no further. We spend extended periods here and are constantly exploring the incredible landscape to find all it has to offer. We can be your private tour guide or we can turn your experience into a full workshop training you on composition, vision, post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop, all without the group.