We want to assure you that your safety is our number one priority. We want all participants to have a good time while feeling comfortable that their risk of infection will be minimized during our workshops. Here are the steps we will be taking along with other information about cancellations.

  • Masks will be required for all participants and leaders at any time we are in close proximity for group meetings or when we give one-on-one instruction. There are no exceptions to this rule. Masks will not be required on hikes where we can maintain proper social distancing. If you refuse to wear a mask while we are in close contact you will be asked to leave. We will have masks if needed, but we ask that you please bring your own and wear a new one each day.
  • Everyone is required to have their temperature taken each day with a no-touch thermometer to ensure that nobody has a fever.
  • If we need to touch your camera in the field we will use hand sanitizer beforehand for your protection.
  • On our workshops, we provide classroom instruction which is typically held in a relatively small meeting room. For upcoming workshops, we have reserved a much larger meeting room than we normally would to ensure we can maintain proper social distancing and ventilation. We will have a PA speaker to ensure everyone can hear us.
  • If we hold sessions indoors we will be monitoring the air quality with a CO2 monitor and ventilating the room as needed to keep the CO2 level low. Studies have shown that CO2 levels are a good indicator of stale air that could hold coronavirus particulates.
  • Depending on the current situation we may opt to provide you with pre-recorded presentations that you can watch on your laptop privately in your hotel room instead of giving live presentations, we would then meet at a location outside to discuss before going out into the field.
  • Participants should drive their own vehicle, carpooling is discouraged unless participants are from the same household. Participants cannot ride in our vehicle for the foreseeable future.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer and/or a handwashing station that can be used while we are out in the field using biodegradable soap.
  • We discourage group meals during this time, and the instructors will not be participating in group meals as we normally would.
  • Significant others will not be allowed for in-field sessions unless they are a paying participant.
  • If you are feeling ill prior to the workshop please do not come. If you need to cancel, even on the day of the event, we will transfer the full balance to a future workshop of your choice for no fee.
  • If someone were to fall ill during the workshop with symptoms we must discontinue the workshop immediately for the safety of all participants and for the health of the general public. If this were to happen and you were in contact with the sick individual it is recommended that you self quarantine for 10 days, or 7 days with a negative COVID test. It is also recommended that you clean all your camera equipment and your vehicle for decontamination.
  • If stay-at-home orders are put in place again and we are forced to cancel the workshop we will postpone it until next year and you can transfer the full balance to that workshop or another of your choice.

This is an extraordinarily difficult time and we ask that whatever your views are that you put them aside and respect these rules so everybody in the group feels comfortable and can have a good time while being safe. Hopefully, we can return to normalcy one day, but for now let’s all make the best of this situation and focus on what we all love, photography!