Meet the Exploring Exposure Team

David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick have a mutual love for photography, they travel full time in an RV exploring the American West. They spend their days exploring the mountains and deserts to find unique locations that they share with their clients on workshops.

About David

David is a professional artist who specializes in nature photography. His work is characterized by  attention to detail and a deep love for the natural world. Known for his intimate landscapes, breathtaking nightscapes, and masterful black-and-white imagery, David has established a reputation as a skilled and accomplished photographer.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, David is also a dedicated educator and mentor. He founded Exploring Exposure, where he co-teaches with his partner Jennifer Renwick. Through this platform, David shares his knowledge and expertise with aspiring photographers and helps them to hone their skills and develop their own unique vision.

In addition to workshops, David is also the owner of the Nature Photographers Network, an active community of photographers who share a passion for nature photography. The network offers critiques, articles on creativity, and lively discussions, providing a space for photographers to learn, grow, and connect with one another.

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About Jennifer

From a young age, Jennifer Renwick has been fascinated by the natural world, fueling her passion for nature photography. Her journey began with a degree in Geology, followed by 14 years in Veterinary Medicine. College geology trips out west sparked a love for the region's rugged landscapes, compelling her to pursue photography more seriously. Four years ago, she took the leap into full-time photography and moved out west.

Now based in Colorado, Jennifer travels full-time in a trailer with her partner David Kingham, teaching photography workshops and exploring the American West. Her focus is on the intimate details within grand landscapes, practicing slow photography and visual storytelling to create compelling images that evoke emotion and raise awareness about the delicate natural world. Jennifer's work has been featured in various publications, including National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, and Lenswork Magazine. She is a staff contributor for the Slow Photography Movement, and a founding member of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

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