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If you want to do more under the stars than just wish on them, landscape and nightscape photographer David Kingham can help you get started. Kingham isn’t an astronomer, nor do you have to be. His mantra? You need vision. And he’s the guy to help you hone yours.

In Nightscape, Kingham expertly explains every aspect of night photography, from the basics of understanding stars, constellations, meteors, moon phases, and galaxies, to scouting, gear, field work, shooting techniques, and post-processing.

Nightscape is an in-depth resource full of detailed descriptions, charts, maps, and step-by-step actions, practical insights, and incredible photographs that will inspire you to get outside.

BONUS: This eBook also includes a download link to 22 Lightroom presets.

This 120-page digital PDF eBook is packed with exceptional photographs and excellent education from a man who actively practices the teaching tools in this book; as part of his now-nomadic lifestyle, Kingham sleeps under the stars every night.

93 reviews for Nightscape eBook

  1. Donald Trent Poole

    Got a lot of helpful tips and ideas. Simply written which makes is better than other star books.

  2. Richard E Blanchette

    The information is very valuable as a first time read and as a reference later.

  3. Christy

    This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn how to take beautiful night photos. It provides a thoughtful examination of each step in the process

  4. Bernie Clapcott

    Brilliant book. I was fortunate enough to attend one of David’s early Night Photography workshops in 2014, and this book is an excellent reference to reinforce what was covered, or as a guide to a photographer new to Nightscapes.

  5. Ken Henke

    I purchased the first edition several years and there can be no doubt it jump started my astrophotography ability significantly! This eBook is a must in my humble opinion for all those wanting to learn the not only how to photograph the stars, but also learn some advanced techniques. David walks one through the whole process from gear to shooting to processing. Highly recommended!!

  6. Rick

    This was my first and only book purchased on this topic- it is all you need. David writes clearly and explains how to get into night photography. This can be your one source for this topic. Recommended!

  7. Beth Ruggiero

    An outstanding guide! David’s work is what really got me into night photography,

  8. Amanda Rohrbach

    A comprehensive guide to nightscape photography! Exactly what I was looking for, and extremely helpful in getting me out there shooting, feeling remotely like I knew what I was doing. Saved me a ton of trial and error. David’s photography is amazing, and his guide helps others unselfishly, proving that truly great photographers don’t need to hoard everything they know, but can share their knowledge and techniques with others, since there is infinite beauty out there for us all. Highly recommend this book!


    A fantastic resource, really excited to see David has produced an updated version. David’s night photographs are exceptional and this book gives a superb opportunity to understand how they are achieved.

  10. Mary Lundeberg

    When I give talks on photographing the night sky this is the book I recommend to others. This book k helped me understand many topics and I have to see it as a reference and gone back to reread parts. It is suitable for novices and seasoned star photographers alike. I highly recommend it.

  11. Stuart Thompson

    This ebook really got me interested in astro photography and I don’t leave home without it.

  12. Richard Olson

    I’ve read the book a few times. So many good tips exist in the book and hard to isolate one. IMO, a good book for anyone starting out in night photography or a great reference to brush up on various topics.

    BTW, loved the photo showing a frosted over camera and lens. I’ve iced mine up a few times too.

  13. Jenny Cummings

    I bought this ebook a couple of years ago. Mr Kingham has not only presented his information in a way that non-scientists can understand, but you also get the amazing bonus of post processing tips, and outside references!! I hope to join the Kinghams on an photo adventure in the future, but until then, I can study this book and further my photography craft from the darkness of my own community.

  14. JT Blenker

    I purchased Nightscape in June 2014, just as I was really delving into astrophotography and long exposure imagery. David put together a foundation book for astrophotographers and is just as valuable now as it was in several years ago. If you want to get a generous jump onto the ins and outs of nightscapes and shooting the night sky while avoiding the many initial pitfalls new photographers have, this book is a steal. Thanks David for doing such an incredible job that still impacts me today.

  15. Jacob Heuerman

    I studied all I could to figure out how to capture the night sky. Then I came across this ebook and it put everything I needed to know in one area. It helped me out tremendously!

  16. David Little

    Bringing out the stars and details of the night sky with your camera is the particular focus of this book, & it does that very well… Look at David’s photos to see the results. You won’t be disappointed with the information in this guide. My own photography has improved because of David’s work.

  17. richard blanchette

    After taking a course from David, I got more interested in night sky photography. Gradually, what I had learned slipped away, but his ebook has proven to given me the update on what I leanred and provided me with new information I did not know before. It is a must for my attempts at night photography.

  18. Mark F.

    The original version was an excellent resource. Dave has produced a comprehensive guide and reference with this ebook. It covers the gamut of information needed for learning night sky photography.

  19. Karl Lindsay

    I really enjoyed reading this ebook and learning more about the different aspects of night photography. I recommend this as a great resource for anyone else who wants to learn about spending nights under the starry sky with a camera!

  20. Bobby Bradley

    This ebook has been so helpful to me in getting a leg up on shooting at night. So much great technical and artistic info blended together so well. Also, for what it’s worth, the layout of the book is beautiful!

  21. Robert Brusca

    The only book you’ll ever need to learn landscape astrophotography and capture amazing images. I highly recommend Nightscape if you want to learn how to photograph the night skies.

  22. Stephen

    I downloaded the book to help me take great Milky Way photos in the Peak District in the United Kingdom.
    Not only were the technical guides useful but David’s additional information about Astronomy is really interesting and gives a great amount of background interest.

  23. Jesse Thorpe

    When I wanted to learn how to shoot the Milky Way and the night sky in general, I happened upon the Nightscape eBook. Looking at David’s work I knew this book was for me and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was easy to follow and since it was portable, I was able to use it on my phone while in the field and apply the techniques discussed. I cannot state enough how helpful this was as a resource.

  24. John Reading

    A brilliant book to buy if you want to start photographing landscapes when the sun is out of the sky. It is packed with good ideas, techniques and advice.

  25. Craig Marvil

    This was one of the first night photography books I purchased. Easy to understand and gives you all you need to get out and get started.

  26. KenF

    A great book that allowed ne to really get to grips with Astro. All I need now are clear skies!

  27. Reuben Tabner

    I got this excellent book before spending six months in the Himalayas, it became an invaluable manual for shooting at night.

  28. Ronald Kamphuis

    This is a good guideline for the first steps in nightphotography , but also for the more experienced photographers. It gives you great tips and techniques to help your work to a next level.

  29. Jeff LaFave

    Great book. Easy to understand! Very helpful.

  30. Cindy Lever

    I enjoyed the learning from this ebook a few years ago and am positive the revised edition is well and truly worth it.

  31. Lance Keimig

    David’s ebook is smartly written, inspiring, concise, and spot on. The man knows his material and conveys it well.

  32. Simon Pritchard

    I have not seen the updated version, but the orriginal is a good guide to getting started in night scape photography.

  33. Chris Ruebel

    Awesome reference for night photography. David knows his stuff and this book gives you all you need to know to be successful

  34. Dave Clark

    Best way to get started in what can be a very confusing and intimidating area of photography. Very easy to understand and easy to put ideas into practice.

  35. Ken Hyatt

    A fantastic reference that I review before every night sky road trip. You won’t find a better value for your photography dollar.

  36. Harald

    Very helpful overview and introduction of how to capture nightscapes. Can highly recommend the book.

  37. Michael Jennings

    Bought this ebook as I wanted to begin exploring night photography. This has been the best source I have come across to not only get you started but to improve your understanding of shooting at night. Great book and looking forward to reading again with the new updates.

  38. Mario L

    David is the person that sparked my fascination with night photography. His images are among the best I have ever seen and the fact that he is willing to share his process with us means a lot to me. The eBook is put together very well and is written so most anybody can follow along. I highly recommend buying this eBook if you are interested in night photography.

  39. Anada

    Brought the 1st edition but still not yet get up and practices and capturing them.

  40. Matthias Ciprian

    Had the first version, like it very much for the helpful tips and tricks

  41. Ângelo Jesus

    When starting to learn about night photography, this book was a great resource for me. Very detailed and easy to understand. The extra presets was also very usefull.

  42. James Van Hoy

    Details and info that works!

  43. John

    This was the first book I read on night photography. It was easy to understand and put into use in the field. After reading the book I took a night photography class from David, between the two I have a very good start into the adventure of night photography

  44. Jim Schaaf

    I purchased David’s ebook some time ago. Last week I just got a Panasonic 8-18mm f/2.8-4 lens so am looking forward to getting out and shooting the night skies. Thanks David for coaching us to get better shots.

  45. Ken Weber

    When I first started night photography I searched the internet and found David’s website which had some great tips and advice. I then purchased the Nightscape eBook which is an awesome resource for both capturing the image and processing it in Lightroom/Photoshop.

  46. Yves Villalonga

    This is a great book. As a beginner, it got me going quickly and I am sure that as the years go by and I improve, I will still need its invaluable content and tips. Highly recommended!

  47. Richard

    Davids book was a very valuable asset when I first purchased it many years ago. I hope the camera and lens reviews are now updated as there are quite a lot of new ones around now. Highly recommended.

  48. Thomas Barrows

    One of the best resources on Nightscape photography I have used. In fact I use and recommend the book to students in my workshops on astro and urban nightscape photography through my photography club. Can’t wait to see the update!

  49. Daniel

    I am new to nightscape photography but this ebook is all I need to start. I found plenty of useful and practical information in this book.
    Really an excellent book to start your journey in nightscape photography.

  50. Bobby Burton

    If it’s not in this book, you probably don’t need to know it for basic night photography. Well written and very thorough.

  51. Alan Smallbone

    One of the best introductions to nightscapes. Detailed yet easy for the beginner. Well written and filled with useful information.

  52. Steven M.

    I found the book very helpful and informative. I use many of David’s techniques in my workflow.

  53. Charlie Buck

    I’ve sifted through many internet tutorials on night sky photography, and found Nightscape the most comprehensive and easy to understand. As a Lightroom user, I found the information on post-processing especially helpful. Thanks, Dave!

  54. Mike Bucher

    With a strong interest in photographing the night sky, I have purchased several books and ebooks on the subject. David’s ebook provided a great starting point, which was very helpful. After four years of shooting, I still return to the book to find information and tips that I glossed over or didn’t understand the first few times. Highly recommended.

  55. Jas Sumal

    This was the first book on night photography that I ever bought. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to get into night photography. The subject is very well explained in simple to understand terms. It makes a complex subject easy to understand. I have since bought other books on the subject but I find myself coming back to this one more than the others. Highly recommended.

  56. Steve Bunderson

    Great e-book and well written. I have been doing night photography for years and this is a great resource for the “nightscape” photographer. I highly recommend this book.

  57. Nick Noble

    David’s Nightscape ebook got me started in night sky photography. I learned much from it. I still use his Lightroom presets as a starting point for my night sky edits. Thanks David. I look forward to looking at (and learning from) the update. Nick

  58. Joseph

    Lots of great examples and also lots of other information you don’t find in other nightscape resources. Highly recommended.

  59. Samantha Kennedy

    This is a great book and it really helped me out with capturing not just starts but the Milky Way which is not such and east task from Long Island, NY and I still use the presets that you gave with the book to this day when editing the Milky Way photos I take. Thank you for writing it and updating it!

  60. Stephen Hadeen

    Night photography is relatively new for me. I bought the book from the Craft and Vision site a while back. Now that I’m doing more night photography, this ebook is very helpful in explaining night photography and how to succeed at it. You still have to put in the work and practice in the field. Just reading this won’t make you successful. But applying it will go a long ways to furthering your success in the field of night photography.

  61. Morris Swartz

    Excellent compendium about night photography. Technical details plus useful tips.

  62. Gene Herzberg

    Have made lots of use of the first edition here in Newfoundland

  63. Erik

    I love everything about this book. The information provided is so clear, detailed and easy to understand regardless of your photography level or experience. Without a doubt my favorite book on the subject and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever stared at the night sky and smiled.

  64. Pamela hindmoor

    Awesome resource to develop your photography and processing skills

  65. Pamela hindmoor

    Excellent resource to use again and again- I have used it to develop my photographs and processing skills

  66. Pamela hindmoor

    Excellent resource to use again and again

  67. Christoph

    A fantastic book, which helped me a lot!

  68. Bill Speaks

    With Nightscape, David has raised the bar for how-to photography books. With incredibly beautiful and inspiring photos and tons of well organized information, Nightscape is the perfect way to get started photographing the night skies or pick up some new tips.

  69. Michael Staub

    What I like so much about the original is the same thing that I liked about David’s Night Photography workshop easy to follow and understand. With topics like this it would be SO easy to get buried in technical details to the point where you no longer are interested in the ‘artistic ‘ aspect – just the conquering of the technique.

    Not so with David. I seems to ride wave between technique and art and make both accessible to rest of us.

  70. Gail Kapusnick

    Great book. Nightscape has been an invaluable reference for my Milky Way photography. It’s easy to understand and well laid-out. Highly recommended.

  71. Martin Marchyahyn

    I purchased the book a while ago, long before I tried night photography. When, a couple of years ago, I finally started to shoot the stars, I looked around the internet for hints and tips to help me shoot and post process … and nothing seemed to work to my satisfaction. Then a friend suggested your presets … yup, they gave be the results I was looking for. And then I stumbled upon your book at C&V and was ready to buy it … only to discover I already had it all along. DUH!!! Wonderful – I read the book, applied the techniques and presets to my work, and WoooHooo … I started to get the results I was looking for. Very good info in the book, and the presets gave me the look I was after. I can’t believe the book actually needed to be updated. Looking forward to working through the new version.


    As somebody new to night photography, this book was instrumental in getting me started. Thank you very much David!

  73. William Robinson

    I found the first edition of David Kingham’s book to be very helpful as I began exploring the night with my own camera. I would have been lost in the stars for a much longer time without his book as a guide. With his guidance I have produced several images that have given me much satisfaction. Thanks David!

  74. Lynda Taylor

    Years after purchase, I still return to David’s eBook on a regular basis and always find what I need to know before setting off into the night or coming back and processing images of the night sky. I really look forward to having the updated version. Many thanks for keeping it current.

  75. Ezequiel Laprida

    My go to night photography book! Simply love it!

  76. Rick

    David has written a clear overview of what it takes to get started in night photography, easy for beginners to understand and follow. I bought this from Craft and Vision a few years ago, and glad to see he continues to support us! This is all you need to get started.

  77. Michael R. Huber

    Rich, dense, nuanced. A challenge worth accepting. Read it.

  78. H.-C. B.

    A huge amount of information written with passion and easy to follow. It helped me to make my first nightscape picture, 8.000 Km away from home and with a timeslot of only two days without any glitches or bad moves. The big experience in nightscape photography, given within this eBook, saved me several weeks or month of trial and error.

  79. Bob Malbon

    David, I had an image in mind for 2 years – finnaly got out of bed and drorove the hour and underexposed! Your processing steps help me save the image and win a photography contest. Look forward to the new edition!!

  80. David Gregory

    Excellent primer which has improved my nightscapes enormously

  81. Peter Taft

    Very thorough & helpful.

  82. Philip Wong

    Being new to Astrophotography, I find David Kingham’s book well organized and informative. The included Lightroom presets also assist me in most post processing of night images.

  83. Jerry Smith

    I use this eBook all the time for great insights into night photography! It’s a winner!

  84. Gary Mourfield

    The only reference I use. OUTSTANDING

  85. Jane Pittenger

    I love photographing the night sky and this gave me some tips I hadn’t known before

  86. Sue Amar

    The first version was fantastic, well organized and easy to follow techniques. David is a great teacher, I also recommend their workshops and shooting with him and Jen. I look forward to checking out this edition of Nightscapes!

  87. Georg Himmeroeder (verified owner)

    As Backcountry flyer I am exploring the wilderness areas here in the US and most of the forest airstrip you can use are in areas with very little to non light pollution. I often saw the Milkyway but did not know how to take good photos form it. This book helped a lot to understand the issues and to get into serious photography again! 😉

  88. John wilkins

    This is an amazing book. The examples are great, but I especially appreciate the details provided in the book. It’s a great resource.

  89. Dan W

    As a long time stargazer and photographer, I really appreciate how this book covers all the right subjects at the perfect technical depth for me. The author does a great job of sharing his love and experience for making great astro landscapes. Best of all, the book is full of amazing examples that inspire. It is my favorite on the subject and highly recommended.

  90. Mary H

    Although I haven’t read the update, the original version was easy to follow and easy to put the techniques into practice.

  91. Hal Mitzenmacher

    When I first decided to learn about night sky photography, I scoured the Internet and discovered the outstanding work of David Kingham. When I saw that David was offering an ebook on the subject, I did not hesitate to download and read the material. What I learned allowed me to begin my journey into the fascinating world of night photography. The ebook covers the most important aspects of astro-landscape photography, and will allow the reader to begin practicing the techniques in short order. The material is presented in a clear and logical manner, and is supported by excellent images, charts, diagrams and explanations. David Kingham knows his field, and just as important, knows how to teach what he does so well. I highly recommend this ebook for anyone wanting to learn how to get started with astro-landscape photography.

  92. Andy

    Gets you up and running in very little time. Great balance between the technical and artistic aspects of night photography. The presets are worth are incredibly helpful too.

  93. San Warzoné

    Living in New Mexico means dark and mostly clear skies. I wanted to get started capturing them. This ebook has inspired and helped me make the start.

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