Post Processing Videos

Creating Depth with Atmospheric Perspective

What’s Included?

  • Instant access to downloadable video files.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials presented by professional photographer David Kingham.
  • 5 videos for photographers who want to learn RAW Processing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • 60+ Minutes of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, and case studies.

What You’ll Learn

In this course, David explains what atmospheric perspective is and how it has been used in landscape painting since antiquity. You will learn how to apply these methods in the field and in Lightroom to create depth in your images and make them more realistic.

Topics covered in this course:

  • What is Atmospheric Perspective (also called ‘Aerial Perspective’)
  • Explore the techniques of painters and how to apply this to photography
  • How to create depth in the your landscape photos
  • Learn to use local adjustments in Lightroom to create atmospheric perspective
  • Use of the Dehaze filter to add atmosphere
  • Radial filter to add a light bleed effect

Hard Sun

Run-time: 2 Hours
Released - February 2017

In this start-to-finish video I go in-depth on my entire process beginning with my thoughts and techniques in the field using wide angle techniques to capture a wider field of view than possible in one image, using different focal lengths to correct the diminished mountains, and discussion of the composition. 

RAW development in Lightroom done in sections to give unique adjustments to the sky, mud cracks, and mountains.

Advanced Photoshop techniques covering focus stacking, orton effect, light bleed, glow, creating mood with color adjustments, burning and dodging using luminosity masks to retain contrast, focal length blending, atmospheric effects, warping using puppet warp, and blending exposures using the color range tool.

Finally, I show how to finish off the image with specialized sharpening for web viewing, and dive into sharpening for print, resizing to create large prints, and soft proofing for printing.

Note: RAW files are included to experiment on your own

Price - $49

I have purchased several tutorials from David Kingham, and other photographers, but Hard Sun is by far one of the most informative tutorials I have watched. I often consider a good tutorial one that starts from the very beginning to all the way through the end. David does a great job at explaining why he does certain things, very easy to follow his steps, and the editing of the video is very well done. It would be hard to ask for much more for those who are serious about learning.



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Shrine Ridge Wildflowers

Run-time: 1 Hour
Released - March 2016

  • Composition
  • Mood
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Wide angle techniques
  • Focus stacking techniques
  • Complex focus stacking using Zerene Stacker
  • Burning/Dodging using Luminosity Masks
  • Orton Effect
  • Light Bleed
  • Blending exposures
  • Warping

Price - $39

“I find that David’s videos very helpful in the ongoing quest to improve my photography. His style of teaching fits my learning style, simple and easy to digest. David’s comprehensive approach to post processing covers all of the important steps to delivering a meaningful image. ” 


Delicate Arch Nightscape

Runtime: 1 hour
Released - February 2016

In this video I show you how I processed this image from start to finish in Lightroom and Photoshop. 4 exposures are combined, 1 for the sky, 2 for the light painting, and 1 long exposure for the mid ground. I demonstrate advanced blending techniques, and some basic luminosity masks in Photoshop.

Price - $39

In the videos I use the following software and plugins, below are links to these.

Photoshop/Lightroom CC
Luminosity Masks TK Panel v4
Andreas Resch Web Sharpener or Latest beta version (recommended)
AD Sharpening and Print Panel V2
Zerene Stacker