November 7-12, 2017

Availability - Limited to 6 participants

Based out of Springdale, UT
Fly into Las Vegas (See 'How to Get There' section below)


This is a unique opportunity to explore some of the greatest slot canyons in the southwest, many of which are off the beaten path. We will start by photographing the famous Zion Narrows during fall colors, getting to each location during the optimal 'glow'. We will then move to Grand Staircase Escalante to photograph three different unique slot canyons without the crowds of Antelope Canyon. After this, we will go to the Vermillion Cliffs and photograph the longest and deepest slot canyon in the world. This is a physically demanding trip, please read the physical requirements before signing up.


In the Field

  • How to read a scene to create compelling compositions using shapes, lines, visual mass, texture, and more
  • Reading weather and lighting conditions to know when to go out on your own in the right light
  • How to use apps to scout out your own locations and plan your next shoot
  • When and how to use lenses to bring focus to your subject
  • How and when to use a polarizer to make colors pop
  • Depth of field and hyperfocal distance to help you create sharp photos
  • Achieving maximum sharpness using focus stacking
  • Creative use of ND Filters to create motion in clouds and water
  • Creating panoramas without using expensive equipment
  • How to take correct exposures for bright skies; to be later used for exposure blending
  • Identifying the best light and how to expose correctly

Post Processing for Beginners

  • Making dull RAW files pop in Lightroom and keeping files organized
  • Use of local adjustments for dodging & burning, and many more creative opportunities
  • Using white balance to create mood in your images
  • Properly sharpen and reduce noise for maximum image quality
  • Stitching panoramas easily in Lightroom
  • Exposure blending using HDR for natural looking results

Post Processing for Advanced users

  • Exposure blending using luminosity masks to create balanced, natural looking images
  • Focus stacking using Photoshop and/or Zerene Stacker for maximum depth of field
  • Blending different focal lengths to correct for wide angle diminishment
  • Creative burning and dodging techniques to bring focus to your subject
  • Using the Orton Effect to add glow to your highlights
  • Creating drama with Light Bleed
  • Using Midtone Contrast to make images pop off the screen
  • Sharpening for web and print


We encourage you to find your unique style of creativity with focused training based on your style and skill level. You will experience a rigorous learning experience in the field and the classroom to take your photography to the next level.

Our passion is seeing you grow in your photographic journey. We put your interests ahead of our own. Early on in the workshop, we will not photograph at all. Our focus is your learning experience, and we will not run off to chase the light and leave you behind. As the workshop progresses, we will take a few photos in a limited manner. This is so you can see how we approach a scene, demonstrate techniques, and create comradery with the group. Our focus will always remain with YOU.

We understand everyone comes to workshops at different points in their photography journeys. We will be there to guide and help you, whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter. There is always something to learn about photography, and we will do our best to help you find your creative vision.

Above all, we want this to be a fun experience for you. With our small group size, we get to know our clients very well, and we feel like they are part of our extended family. We do this for the love of photography, and there is nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing our clients grow and find their artistic vision.

Zebra Canyon

Zebra Canyon



This a strenuous workshop for all of the canyons, they are not technical canyons that require rappelling or anything of that nature, but you will need to be fit enough to climb over rocks, and endure several days of tiring hikes. The hike into the Narrows is a long strenuous day of 7 miles total walking in the river, working against the current for the first half of the day. Being in good physical condition is a requirement for this workshop, if you have any doubts please contact us before signing up to discuss further.


$1,995 - (Initial Payment of $795)


  • Transportation (4x4 vehicles) from the hotel to the locations we will be photographing
  • Rental of dry suits, neoprene socks, canyoneering boots, and walking stick for narrows and other wet canyons
  • Small class size of 6 maximum to ensure proper attention to each client
  • Two attentive instructors for a client to instructor ratio of 3:1
  • Water and snacks
  • Image Critiques
  • Tailored post processing instruction in Lightroom and Photoshop


  • Lodging - we have a block of rooms held for you
  • Meals - we will be eating together as a group


We recommend flying into Las Vegas which is a 2.5 hour drive to Springdale. Please visit this site for detailed directions.