Photographing & Sightseeing in the Zion Narrows

Photographing and Sightseeing in the Zion Narrows

Author - Nico DeBarmore
Format - Paperback

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When I stepped foot into the Narrows for the first time, it was an overwhelming experience. I had to get used to walking in the river and the exhaustion that comes with it, the sheer size and beauty of the canyon is hard to grasp as well. On top of that, I had no idea where I needed to be at the right time to capture the elusive 'glow' when the sun reflects off the canyon walls. 

Nico has demystified the glow in the Narrows with extensive research, so you know exactly where to be at the right time. This year I tested out the recommended times in this book, and I can assure you that every one of them was spot on with great locations that I had overlooked in the past as well. If you are planning on photographing the Narrows, this book is a must have.