DESERT PARADISE: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide To Death Valley National Park

Authors - Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa
Format - PDF

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If you are planning a trip to Death Valley, this is the guide to have. Ron and Sarah have poured all of their knowledge about Death Valley into this guide, it is truly indispensable even if you have been here before. It is more than a location guide, it is filled with information about the park, even little things like where to find a shower or do laundry. Along with this, it is also a guide of how to photograph the area effectively

It is, of course, a location guide as well, and is filled with great locations which include GPS coordinates, directions, drive times, suggested itineraries, best times to photograph, what lenses to use, etc. I cannot say enough good things about this guide, everyone going to Death Valley should own this eBook.