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Learning to see deeply

A Contemplative Photography Webinar hosted by John Barclay and David Kingham

July 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm Eastern

Contemplative photography is about taking a different approach to photography. It’s about slowing down and observing the details around you. This approach to photography is about being open to noticing those moments that make you stop in your tracks and say ‘wow’. It’s a meditative approach to creating imagery that is not only personal, but more importantly,  meaningful to you. Come join us as we share our approaches on contemplative photography and show you how to “see” more openly with your eyes and camera!

Photograph What Makes your Heart Sing

John Barclay will share stories and and insights about how his switch to a more contemplative approach to photography has liberated him to celebrate and photograph what makes his heart sing.

Free Your Mind

David Kingham will share concepts and techniques about contemplative photography that may change the way you approach your photography. David will share several examples where he used contemplative photography to create unique images, and explain why the per-frontal cortex may be shutting down your creativity.

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